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Letter: Trump supporters are ignoring reality

Letter: Trump supporters are ignoring reality


I respect everyone’s political choices but I’m confused. I have to ask, “Why?” Why would anyone support Trump?

When the pandemic hit he wasted two months claiming it was false news and a liberal plot to make him look bad. Thousands died because he failed to act.

He lies constantly; multiple news sources, including Fox, have reported he’s told over 12,000 lies since “2016." Clinton told one lie and he was impeached, Trump has told thousands and he gets a free pass from the GOP.

He can’t speak without denigrating, insulting and name calling. No previous president, Republican or Democrat, has ever done that. Regardless of what the event or who that event is meant to honor, put him in front of a microphone and it’s all about him and he’ll bad-mouth somebody.

He will lie, cheat and do anything possible to get re-elected including taking aid from the anyone who offers it. He has reached out to the Russians and Chinese on TV and he tried to blackmail the Ukrainian president in exchange for US aid. Now he’s encouraging supporters to commit voter fraud. I’d be willing to bet the same people who drank Lysol will try to vote twice.

The GOP is all in with voter suppression, which is why Republicans in general and Trump in particular are against mail-in voting and why he is trying to cripple the post office. Mail-in voting is very hard to manipulate.

Neither is he honest nor a man of integrity. Eight close associates have been charged, indicted and convicted after an FBI investigation. What does that say about him? Consider also the ongoing investigations in New York’s Southern District.

Consider also that nearly 70 people have left service in the Trump White House. Most of them where either fired or quit because they disagreed with the president. Contradict the Donald and you’re history.

I do not doubt that he has made disparaging remarks about America’s war dead considering he has no compassion or sense of service. This is the guy that avoided military service because of bone spurs but he can spend hours on a golf course.

Has any other administration treated immigrants at our southern border with such cruelty?

The GOP is of the rich, by the rich and for the rich and Trump is in it for himself.

Last but not least, Putin loves him.

Ernie DeCaro



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