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Letter: Trump supporters overlook a lot

Letter: Trump supporters overlook a lot


For over four years I’ve wondered how any patriotic, rational or religious person could ever support Donald Trump. When Trump came down the escalator and trashed American POWs, I thought it was all over for him. It would have been so for any Democratic candidate, let alone Hillary Clinton. I think I’ve finally figured out how there could be even one vote for such an unpatriotic, mentally unbalanced, corrupt, immoral and stupid individual. Now I understand that Trump supporters are a different breed and they fall into two categories.

One category is those who’ve been willing to sell their proverbial soul to the devil and abandon all values simply to support a candidate who will add more conservative justices to the Supreme Court. They fervently want to ban abortion thus denying a woman’s right to control her own body. Women who do not want an abortion don’t have to have one yet many conservatives want to inflict their view, through big government, on all women. Amy Coney Barrett is an extreme right-wing radical who fits their bill for the Supreme Court on that issue as well as others such as her hatred for Obamacare and gay rights. For some inexplicable reason conservatives do not want all Americans to have access to health care or marry a person of their own choosing. I guess fetuses’ rights are sacred but rights of actual people are not. I sincerely hope that if Biden wins, he’ll counter the GOP’s court packing by ultimately adding two liberal justices to the nine on the Supreme Court in order to replace the two stolen by Republican presidents.

The second category is Trump supporters who, due to a “cult of personality,” a la Jim Jones, live in a state of denial regarding Trump’s lies, immorality and incompetence. In Trump’s case he uses propaganda, lies and faux patriotism to create an alternate universe which his followers are mindlessly compelled to adopt as their own. In fact, Trump’s followers are, figuratively speaking, drinking the Kool-Aid (as with Jim Jones’ followers) as Trump puts their lives in grave danger by inviting them to his COVID-19 super-spreader rallies. To be a Trump follower one has to willingly suspend belief in facts, logic, science and reason, and although they’re not necessarily ignorant many choose to remain unnecessarily so.

Fortunately, Trump followers are in the minority ... unfortunately Trump doesn’t need the most votes to win.

Thomas Hanley



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