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Letter: Trump's delusion is a big threat

Letter: Trump's delusion is a big threat


The evidence of a divided country is more evident now than it ever has been. Therefore we should not ignore what is becoming more and more apparent, a situation that may come to an unfortunate end and so, we need to wake up now!

In psychiatry the word “delusion” means a firm belief in some idea which is known to be false, and it can be a symptom of paranoia or psychosis. The president appears to be exhibiting this because he's strongly adhering to his false credos in spite of clear evidence to the contrary which is presented to him ... based on overwhelming evidence.

President Trump doesn't want his delusions destroyed and chooses instead to remain in a denial; knowing that it's also infecting the minds of his followers. We are also witnessing an example of denial by many of them who are intelligent and sane adults who are also denying truth despite a body of irrefutable data. All his followers are obviously willing to stand with him and fight to the end!

And so, what can happen when people deny the facts and believe without question what President Trump says, unwilling also to accept or believe proven factual data? We are indeed in deep, deep trouble.

We need to wake up and pull together as Americans can prove they can do ... or experience more than just a disastrous outcome of this election but also a disastrous death toll of Americans because of a virus that could prove to be worse that a combined total of all the wars Americans have ever fought!

Joyce Smith-Moore



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