This is an extreme concern to me and should be to all of you.

As of late, Steve Mnuchin is fighting a legal request from Chairman Rep. Richard Neal about Trump’s last six years of his tax returns. My fear is if Chairman Neal is successful or very close, Trump will fire Mnuchin and he gets replaced by an “acting” treasury secretary. Unfortunately, Mnuchin’s thinking is too much like Trump’s. His lavish spending of taxpayers money is proof of that.

If anyone has noticed, much of Trump’s cabinet is now made up of “acting or deputy" directors, secretaries or chairs. NONE of which went through Senate confirmation. Even the confirmed attorney general is hiding in Trump’s wallet of favors or I.O.U.s.

Having said that, I believe Trump is trying to create an AUTHORITARIAN government. When DHS Sec. Kirstjen Neilson was fired, it was for not following Trump’s orders. The first time I can recall that she rebuked Trump’s orders siting laws and court rulings. Now there will be a Trumped acting head of the DHS. Commissioner McAleenan is from US Customs and Border. If I recall, he parroted Trump about the border issues and has no remorse for separation of parents and children. Or none I heard of.

So what happens when there is no Senate-confirmed people left in a president’s cabinet? Scary to even have said that!

On another note, shame on Lindsey Graham for not standing up against Trump’s remarks of Sen. John McCain. The country knows Sen. McCain was a true hero and patriot. Graham and others spoke of a great hero but didn’t castigate, berate or rake Trump over the coals for those remarks. They’re Republican and afraid of losing what they have or not getting what they want. Graham slammed the Dems during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing and yet he can’t stand up to Bully Trump for insulting his best friend and family. What a turncoat the Navy man Graham has become to his longtime heroic deceased buddy.

It’s a turbulent time and every day seems worse than the last when it comes to our government. But, I do pray and In God I Trust!

R.L. Searles


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