The other day I saw our governor on television waving his arms in the air proclaiming that immigration is good. He goes on to say most of you are from immigrant parents that came through Ellis Island. Governor, that was legal immigration, exactly what President Trump agrees to and promotes. Our forefathers didn’t show up at the port without vetting medical papers, background papers and a passport. They didn’t rush the gates, throw rocks at security people or kick over fences, bring drugs into the country or tunnel into the city as is currently on our southern border. As governor you should know that. Read about former President Teddy Roosevelt’s thoughts on immigration. Also President Bill Clinton took a strong stand on illegal immigration.

Here’s another issue. I’m so tired of the media folks calling the border wall “Trump’s Wall.” It is in fact America’s wall or fence — our wall. It is to protect us from potential criminals, drug traffickers, human traffickers and more. In addition, who cares if Mexico pays for the wall (barrier) or not, it is our barrier protecting you, me and our families from crime and drugs. However, don’t be surprised if down the road the President does come up with some money from Mexico.

I thought it was also interesting when I saw CNN’s Jim Acosta telecast from the border. He is seen standing next to the wall saying (as the camera panned around seeing no one in site) look there is no problem here. Well Jim, you were standing next to the improved steel border fencing that discourages crossing. Jim, thank you for illustrating the effectiveness of the barrier. That news clips never ran again, why?

The partial government shutdown was caused by border funding being included in that portion of the Federal Budget that also covers some government employees. President Trump’s reason for holding off approval was to get agreement on increased security on our southern border. Nancy Pelosi’s concern was certainly not for government employees or increased security on our border. Therefore, the only reason is political pandering and not wanting t give our President another win. President Trump is simply trying to provide necessary border security and it’s curious that not just some of the democrats but all of them suddenly oppose that, when not long ago most of them supported a border barrier.

Steve Vincent​


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