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Mr. Nelson's letter to Rep. John Katko as well as Mr. Hanley's letter were in Tuesday, March 6, paper and I totally agree. Mr. Katko is double talking and legislation is stalling. Hindsight has been a great tool for motive after a tragedy. The issues of mental health always come up. Now, there are more law-abiding young students who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or shell shock as it used to be called. I would like to be optimistic in thinking those in the Parkland High School are reaching out and getting therapy. Are they already being labeled with a mental health issue? I hope not.

The legislation process in our government is very much in slow motion. When our founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment, I'm pretty sure they were speaking of single-shot weapons such as the muzzles loaders. I once owned a muzzle loader. It was used it for specific field and artillery contests throughout New England as was our family mortar with cement-filled Grandma Brown's baked bean cans. Use of those items were within a controlled environment and extreme safety protocol. That was fun and a learning experience about what our ancestors did to free us from England and become America.

But, with so much controversy about background checks, lawful weapons to own and manufacturers' efforts to putting out the best, quickest, large capacity holding guns, our government still seems to be beholden to the NRA and manufacturers. Safety and supervision are lacking more and more. Who's going to provide that? The manufacturers want to sell more, the gun owners in this nation have their rights and the VICTIMS HAVE NOTHING! It comes down to the shooter, their motive and willingness. It then goes back up to accessibility (seller), the state background check, then the manufacturer and after-market accessories shops, and finally, back to the shooter. When a small gun dealer reported his suspicions, it fell through the cracks of law enforcement. What now? Maybe videos and audios during the initial paperwork for background checks, which the federal government should require and pay for to all those who legally sell guns have. Direct streaming to a national database for re-occurrences of a hell-bent shooter popping up at a variety of gun shops. Oh right, Big Brother, but if it kept our schools, malls, arenas, etc. safe, I'm all for it!

R L Searles