Some states, New York, in this case, contribute heavily to people being depressed and hopeless. They do it all in the name of "helping the poor."

They strip you of all your dignity by making you dependent on them for a check. Or a bus stop you cannot walk to anymore. This is also done in the workplace — we give you a check, so this means we own you, your personhood is stripped away. Government will tell you that you must have this or that health plan, because you are not allowed to buy your own, even if you want to. And all of this you will probably cave in to because you would rather get something for free, or because they threaten you with a fine if you do not comply.

You do not own yourself if you live in New York. Someone else owns you. So do not be surprised when people are depressed, hopeless, and even commit suicide. This is caused in large part by our misguided culture.

We do not live in a free country. This was more true when I was a child, because people were still allowed to have their dignity. Now, nothing is yours. Not your body, not your work you create, not your life, unless you take it. This to me explains why we have such a suicide epidemic in our country — a last ditch attempt to own something, for some people.

Nobody wants to talk about this, because it is not "fun," and, by golly, everything should be fun in America today, right? But there you go, someone has to say it.

Lisa Backus


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