The current VA clinic is located within Auburn Community Hospital, as it should be.

If any of the 1,400 veterans need an X-ray, CT scan, etc., all they need is walk down the hall and get help. Piece of cake!

However, under the latest contract awarded to STG International Inc., a private, woman-owned, minority-owned for-profit business located in Alexandria, Virginia, the new location will be at the closed Rite-Aid building on East Genesee Street.

So now, if a veteran needs additional medical services, he or she must hop into their car or find a ride to go to ACH to get additional treatment. Not a good idea.

STG is a "for-profit" corporation whose No. 1 priority is to make a profit and not a veteran's well being, so their Auburn facility WILL show a profit above everything else.

According to STG's website: "We have been awarded our most significant contracts multiple, consecutive times; extending for more than a decade."

Therefore, one must assume that STG was the lowest bidder on ALL these contracts in consecutive times in the last decade? Really?

It wouldn't have anything to do because STG is a minority-owned business, would it?

Yes, it's a loaded question but a serious one, and needs to be looked at closely.

"We are particularly proud of our long and significant history supporting Head Start, Department of Defense, Veterans Community Based Outpatient Clinics and ICE detention centers across the country." (STG website.)

Well, we all know the ugly job that was done in separating the young children from their parents at the southern borders.

So I assume STG fulfilled their ICE detention center contract there and participated in this disgraceful and outrageous display of incompetence and lack of empathy.

Also, do a Google search on STG and see the reviews they've received. Argh...

Do we really expect STG to take care of our veterans any better?

I know that Sen. Chuck Schumer is busy battling our "Liar-in-Chief" President Trump over the government shutdown, the "wall" and a lot more. However, he, Sen. Gillibrand and Congressman Katko should put up a united front here.

I know, it's Washington, but it's for our veterans, guys.

You know — the guys and gals that came back from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. with missing limbs, steel plates in their heads, Agent Orange, PTSD, loss of hearing and eyes and other hellish wounds that still persist today. They deserve better.

I believe the public should know everything that transpired here, including all bid numbers, before the VA proceeds with STG.

It's your veterans.

Bill Balyszak


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