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We own a home in low-income Auburn. On the weekend of January 5-6, someone or individuals shot out one of our windows with a BB gun or bigger several times. Call the police? Why? Was told they won’t do anything about it. The area seems forsaken. Some take pride in their homes and we are trying to make the world a better place in which to live. As it is there is quite an expense on another new window. We were taught, to include our children to never destroy property. Those words of wisdom are adhered to. If one breaks or ruins something, quickly find a way to make it right. If not by payment, then by labor with the use of our God-given talents or skills. How about a heartfelt apology? Will the individual(s) have the courage or the heart to come forward to make this wrong right somehow? Anything would be appreciated.

Edna Dayley


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