I'm an absolutely disgusted by your recent article against vaping. It is full of incorrect information and pushes the Governor's corrupt ways. Look at his politics. It's all right there. He knows that this recent "vaping related" illness is purely black market THC carts, which by the way, are one of the allowed methods to use medicinal THC. Yet he still states" nobody should be vaping," wrapping nicotine vapors, which is regulated by the FDA into this statement. He himself approved medicinal use and was adamant it not be smoked. It can be vaped, tinctured, lozenge, etc., etc., but vaping is the main method it is used.

It is clear and evident he is right there in big tobacco's pocket, as he is pushing for all people to quit vaping. I'm sorry but vaping is proven 95% safer than the traditional analog cigarette. PROVEN. He would rather keep raking in the ridiculously high tobacco taxes then have those people need medical treatment for life, thus more income, than actually pushing for the proven safer alternative. Now, anything you inhale other than oxygen is going to be bad for you on some degree, yes, but what would you rather have? A product that kills its users? Or a product that gets people off analogs and living a healthier lifestyle? I myself was a 20-year smoker. One month after I had quit with vaping, I stopped coughing all the time. I no longer hacked up a lung at any effort given. No more crap in my mouth in the morning. GONE. I can taste and smell again properly. Look at it this way. My housemate is on oxygen. You can't smoke around her or even inside. Yet I can vape with no issues what so ever, even blow huge clouds in her face. She then proceeds to waft these awesome-smelling clouds to her face and breathes them in deep because they don't affect her in anyway shape or form.

Stop feeding into the propaganda spread by big tobacco and do some actual research. Talk to a vape shop owner. They will correct you. Talk to people who quit with vaping. They will correctly inform you. This is the first time I have ever seen you guys print a lie and I had to correct you. Please fix this.

Justin Graf


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