Letter: Vatican strays from the biblical truth

Letter: Vatican strays from the biblical truth


There seems to be more ways than ever to poorly inform people, such as fake news channels. And more dramatically than ever we (poor people) must listen to “progressive” thinking, such as what has lately come from the Vatican. Take for instance the new stance on immigration-for-all, or the new sins regarding the ways of harming the ecosphere or whatever the term used for the natural environment.

This last category of sins seems to come from cloudy thinking, at best. Begging the question; how does one measure the evil produced by the Western Civilization and culture as of late? Just ask the Vatican. They seem to know all about the tribulations in the Amazon, and how we in the West have hurt everyone and everything that lives there.

Ecological sinfulness is a rather new interpretation of biblical sins, which I had always thought where surmised by the 10 commandments and in the principles set forth by Jesus Christ. As far as I know, Jesus loved His Father and listened to Him and obeyed His directives and no others. He did not honor any other gods, but gave total honor to the One, true Creator of the world. He did not encourage in any way admiration for what the world at the time did honor – power and material creation. As well, He had no veneration for any names given to the natural world, such as Gaea or Earth Mother or more recently Pachamama. And it would have been quite unlike Jesus to regard any “spirit” attached to the natural world to be considered a "holy" spirit.

So, when your children get confused about right and wrong, you do not have to look far to check-out the Christian values you may hold dear. Just open your Bible or your catechism and seek out what sins were punished when one or more of the 10 commandments were broken. And know what behaviors and human values were given divine praise. If you do not have any books as references, all this is online. But be careful not to take what some earthly authority may say that goes against or conflicts with biblical authority. In other words, do not be led astray this year. For God does chastise humankind for making bad choices, for He is both merciful and just. Happy New Year to one and all.

Francis Netti



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