To the citizens of Cayuga County District 8,

I would like to thank the many supporters who contributed their assistance with words of support, posting a sign, and financial contributions. I also thank my campaign team who expended their valuable time, considerable care, and great effort in my bid for re-election. We can all be proud of our efforts to engage in a clean campaign of positivism, truth, and transparency free of misrepresentation.

In local government and campaigns, there should be no place for manipulation and misdirection of truths and the facts. In the candidate forum, debate, and interviews I addressed all questions with veracity and measured thought. I dodged no questions and answered all queries not only with a yes or a no but a reasoned response for my position.

With the myriad of issues that face local and county government it is unfortunate for local officials to get mired in state and federal policies and decisions. We all have a right to our opinions and we can attempt to affect change on those state and federal issues, but at the end of the day as elected officials we have taken an oath and it is our duty to uphold those laws. The legislature has so many important county issues to address we shouldn't allow partisan national and state politics to get in the way of meaningful solutions to the day-to-day problems the county must solve.

I wish Mr. Pecher success in representing District 8. I learned it took considerable thought, study, listening, and work to find common ground with my colleagues in solving problems. It is my sincere hope that he can work towards bipartisan solutions that allow him to say yes as often as he has said no in the past.

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I have enjoyed my time working on behalf of District 8 (Genoa, King Ferry, Locke, & Venice) of the Cayuga County Legislature. I am proud of the accomplishments I had a part in achieving. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the county.

Joe DeForest


Joe DeForest is a Cayuga County legislator representing District 8.

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