Trump is a long-standing racist and unfit for office.

Why does his base stay with him and John Katko support him?

Trump has no shame making discriminatory comments about African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Muslims, Jewish people, immigrants, women, the disabled.

Racism is part of the fabric of who he is/always has been.

Forty years ago, Trump and his father were charged with housing discrimination. Told black applicants there were no apartments. Trump told investigators, "You know, you don't want to live with them either."

In the 1980s, Trump demanded execution of five black/Latino teenagers who had been falsely accused of attacking/raping a white woman in Central Park. Trump paid $85,000 for racist newspaper ads demanding their execution.

Today Trump can tweet his hateful racism for free.

When Trump walked into his casinos, managers removed all black employees from view. Trump criticized his casino accountant: "Black guy counting my money? I hate it. The guy's lazy and it's probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks."

Trump assigns traits to groups: Blacks — lazy, Jewish people — good with money, Germans — clean, Italians — good with their hands.

Trump family — corrupt racists.

Trump does not like brown/black-skinned people and uses racist/loaded words. Calls Mexican immigrants "rapists and criminals" who will "infest" our country.

At a June 6, 2016 rally, Trump pointed to a black supporter: "Look at my African-American over there." My African-American? Trump, slavery ended.

Called Haiti/African nations "sh--hole countries." Asked why the U.S. could not get more immigrants from Finland.

Trump mocked Nigerians for living in huts. Nigeria's five largest cities have between one and eight million. Nigeria's next 80 largest cities have between 100,000-800,000. That's a lotta huts. Trump is so ignorant.

Trump describes black neighborhoods as "fit only for animals." Trump defends white supremacists.

Trump portrays Muslim-Americans as "untrustworthy" even though 3.3 million Muslims live peacefully in the U.S. with three Muslims in Congress; 55,900 active-duty Muslims in U.S. armed forces; 900 Muslim NYC police officers.

For five years, Trump promoted his "birther" lie: "Obama was born in Kenya." One day, Trump said our first black president is American after all.

Just another Trump racist lie to further divide our country.

I am ashamed Trump is president.

We can vote in 2020 for an honest, trustworthy, fair, intelligent candidate.

Laurie Roberts


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