America, beware! A government is falling apart! The firing or abrupt resignation of the secretary of the Navy is going to corrupt and damage the Code of Conduct that shapes a cohesive and important role of the military justice system. This was seen before with General Mattis about troop withdrawals. That was a shot fired over the bow!

When the idiot in the White House pardoned two U.S. Army soldiers and CPO Gallagher as well reinstated Gallagher’s rank and status as a Navy Seal, Trump was imposing dictatorship in to our democracy. Since Trump proclaims he can shoot and kill someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it, he is sending a message to some individuals in our Armed Forces, who may share the same ideology of tyranny and torturous, "Go for it! I got your back and don’t forget the pictures!"

As a veteran whose father, uncle, brother and nephew all served the United States Army in various conflicts, it is so disrespectful to pose with any dead body or bodies. But that is what the insane president and his supporters get off on!

I know of veterans, mostly male but a few female, who support Trump. Why, I’ll never know! Two are family and I love and respect them. We agree to disagree and not converse about it.

Picture the government as the Empire State Building. King Trump is hanging on top destroying everything around him, which Trump is really doing as I type and you read this. The Republicans are busy with their heads and hands in the dirt planting flower gardens around the Empire State Building or in reality America. The Democrats are doing everything possible to shore the building by examining the pillars, that being all the witnesses who testified about the knowledge of King Trump swatting at laws as if they were flies hovering over a trash heap.

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Should Trump and his staunchest supporters as well as mesmerized Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordon, Kevin Mc Carthy, and the like minded ones, and finally John Katko, manage to destroy the government, America will have at least flower beds of poisonous plants to fall and die on!

Finally, when popular votes clearly state the people’s choice and the Electoral College topples that, which one may have had election interference? A few delegates are easy to sway than the millions who voted.

R.L. Searles


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