Letter: We need a new representative in DC

Letter: We need a new representative in DC


Dear Mr. Katko, I wish to inform you that while your service includes your strong support to address the opioid crisis, the Lake Ontario shorelines, red flag law and some mental health issues as well as help for some of the CNY farmers, I cannot accept your bid for another term as representative of the 24th district. Yes, all of these aforementioned are important to me. However, I have a limit.

Your remarks, “no vote” and obscured loyalties to the GOP and Trump are horrible. As a former federal prosecutor, which is mentioned every time your name is, did you learn right from wrong as it pertains to law? Granted, I tried college three times just to get an associate degree and failed. But, I do know wrong when I experience it, see it or hear it.

What is your moral compass pointing towards? Does Trump have you so mesmerized by his grandiosity and narcissism that you and your GOP colleagues can’t find your way to the restrooms? Instead, storming an extremely important room known as the SCIF with cellphones! That’s what peeping toms do.

Your comment about letting Americans render judgement is ludicrous. Your memory must be failing! Trump lost the popular vote by three million. So the Electoral College is of no use for Americans to render judgement. The various intelligence communities know for a fact that Russia interfered with our election. Trump himself said to George Stephanopoulos he would use foreign countries' information about opposing candidates. As most of the readers know, there is so much more of blatant disregard of the Constitution by the White House and Giuliani and his minions. You and your cohorts in the House and Senate are accessories to the multiple crimes your leader and associates have committed. The complacency of your party is as sinful as someone who wants and has created terror and you all turn a blind eye. Of course, if this were a different party president, you and your friends would be like wolves fighting over the best part of a dead carcass, or, in servitude to the likes of Trump’s beaus, Kim, Putin, Erdogan and Hitler if he was still alive. Then what would America be?

So in closing, I wish you well but I don’t want your services any longer!

R.L. Searles



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