Letter: We need to make America sane again

Letter: We need to make America sane again


Where does one start with all these horrendous 122,000 Covid-19 American deaths; racial bigotry; unconscionable shooting of blacks by unstable white cops; Liar-in-Chief self-serving and dumb actions; 40 million unemployed Americans and millions in bread lines?

We'll leave the disastrous Covid-19 and some others alone — for now — because everything one needs to know is being broadcast 24/7.

However, let me just note Trump's dumb speech in Tulsa, telling his coronavirus team to "test less" (another lie) so we'd have fewer cases, is beyond this man's understanding.

But then, who said Trump was sane?

I don't know what possesses a white cop — or any cop — to kneel on a black man's neck for NINE minutes, when he KNOWS (or doesn't know), all kinds of cameras are on him?

Did he really believe that his "blue wall" would protect and exonerate him of this unnecessary and deadly act?

Or how about a black man who had a few too many drinks; decided to sleep it off in his car (smart move) but then ran away with the white cops' taser gun and was shot to death?

Cop in mortal danger? Give it a rest.

Or those whacko white cops that shoot black men in the back who're running away, or not, who don't have a gun but still get shot and killed?

What were they thinking? "I have the power, a gun and I intend to use it; needed or not I'll get away with it?" Sorry, not any more.

And these unnecessary murders go on and on and on — and it need to stop!

These deranged white cops have deeply sullied the reputations of all of our good white officers who provide us with their needed protection.

Thank you, one and all!

Passing new laws to bring these white bigoted cops to stop this black carnage "may" help some of them — but not all. Unfortunately, it'll take more than a village.

Additionally, I believe that ALL existing police officers should be given an in depth battery of psychological tests and evaluations before they're allowed to remain on the force. If they don't pass, they're history.

Also, ALL new recruits must also be tested before they're allowed to become police officers.

This will not weed out all the unstable and bigoted cops, but I believe it would be a good start.

Who knows? It may Make America "Sane" Again.

Hey, it's your country ...

Bill Balyszak



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