The Bob Mueller report came out and there is no collusion. I can live with that but an obstruction report is still on the table. It is hard to believe they didn’t conclude on the obstruction or not. I believe every American should see the whole Mueller report. What do the do-nothing Republicans have to hide? President Trump brags about no collusion in the report but nothing on obstruction. Instead of trying to get an infrastructure bill passed he wants to ruin the Affordable Health Act.

The do-nothing Republicans don’t want one. Remember this: the Republicans are not for Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. They voted no for any of these programs. Paul Ryan and Lyndsey Graham were brought up on the Social Security survivor’s program. They are all against it. Donald Trump is once again calling people names and insulting people. He loves causing trouble. I hope the Attorney General Barr brings out the whole Mueller report and he should. President Trump is too busy going after the late Sen. John McCain. He was a hero and spent five years in prison in Hanoi during the Vietnam War. Where is Lyndsey Graham? He was a close friend of John McCain. Why doesn’t he attack Trump about his close friend? John McCain was respected by the Democrats as well as the Republicans. He was his own man.

I believe Trump will pardon the following liars and crooks: Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn and Roger Stone. Show the American people your taxes. You gave your rich friends huge tax cuts. Trump had a big party in Mar-a-lago, Florida. I paid the most this year in taxes. Trump is no friend of the working people. The whole Republican Party never has been, never will be. To the American people, judge for yourselves when the obstruction report comes out. This is still the greatest country in the world, let’s take care of her and protect her. God bless the United States of America.

Gary “Stretch” Wright


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