Letter: Wegmans, others doing great work

Letter: Wegmans, others doing great work


I would like to publicly thank all the individuals who are, and have been since the start of the health crisis, continuing to report for work and perform their respective duty and keep the shelves amply stocked at the Auburn Wegmans where I shop. At times some items which I usually purchase have been out of stock but there has always been a sufficient number of alternative choices. I want to thank everyone who help keep Wegmans a viable place to obtain necessities.

I am partially disabled; I cannot walk for a very lengthy distance and must rely on a power wheelchair to travel city blocks. I live in close proximity to Wegmans and in these uncertain — and scary — times, it is comforting to know that I can obtain things essential to my survival. I would imagine that there are an abundance of my fellow citizens who feel the same way.

I am also of that age group who are strongly encouraged to stay home and I venture out only when necessary. Like everyone else, though, I need food, hence my occasional trip to Wegmans via my wheelchair. I have to confess that in addition to obtaining at Wegmans sustenance for the body, I also receive the company of my fellow human beings, if only for a half hour or so, with distance between us, and little spoken word uttered. (A few fellow shoppers will still offer help if it appears I may need it in reaching something on the shelf.)

It would exceed the word limit if I were to try to individually thank all who continue to risk their own health by helping in their respective manner to help the rest of us stay healthy. I can only generalize.

I am grateful for the doctors, nurses, technicians, admissions and all others at Auburn Community Hospital who stand ready to do what is necessary to combat COVID-19.

I am grateful for our system of first responders who, again, risk their own life and health when ours becomes endangered.

I want to thank all those who continue to do their part in publishing and delivering a local newspaper six days a week so that we can be informed of local developing situations.

Actually, words would not convey the gratitude that I have for everyone who has continued to make their contribution to the whole enterprise of that what makes it all go ‘round and allows us to make it one day at a time. Permit me to humbly say: Thank you and gracias.

James Armstrong



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