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Letter: Where was my free speech last month?

Letter: Where was my free speech last month?

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The Citizen wrote an editorial about the importance of free speech and the First Amendment right we should all enjoy but where was mine last month? They also talked about people being falsely accused and maliciously attacked and the need for libel and slander laws so should I sue The Citizen for libel and slander for saying Dennison's racist letter, is that a factual statement or their left-leaning bias opinion and should I sue Eli Hernandez for calling me a racist and lying saying I called Cayuga County residents idiots because nowhere in my letter were the words "Cayuga County" and should I sue Gwen Webber-McLeod for standing in front of the Legislature meeting and calling me a racist saying I enjoy my racism and white privilege and I’ve been racist at meetings? If so then where have my fellow legislators been or anyone at the meetings including The Citizen reporter to call me out on my racism? They can’t because it’s all a lie if the left doesn’t like what you say you have no constitutional rights. In July of 2019 the Democrats pushed a diversity resolution, I stated that civil service and HR were doing their jobs finding the best qualified candidates no matter what color or gender they were so Webber-McLeod thinks that’s racist? Democrat legislators Tricia Kerr, Heidi Nightengale and Keith Batman condemned me but there’s a person who comes to some of our meetings and sits for the Pledge of Allegiance and I and others think that’s disrespectful to our flag our country and the men and women of all colors that fought for it but legislator Batman reminded me that was her constitutional right. But apparently I don’t have the right to write a letter to the opinion page, imagine that the left's cancel culture! And when Eli Hernandez and Ian Phillips elected school board members can write a letter against me and say they’re not writing it as school board members but as private citizens then I guess my letters are as a private citizen too right! Meanwhile our country is still in chaos and innocent people are being killed including many young black children and where are all you that condemned me speaking up for those children’s lives mattering? I think God would say all lives matter.

Andrew Dennison


Andrew Dennison is a Cayuga County legislator representing District 2.


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