Why is it that it's easier to believe a lie than the truth? Is it because we don't want to know the truth? Is it because lies are easier to believe than the truth? Or, is hearing what we want to hear instead of what is, really better?

Have you ever noticed that when you tell someone the truth, often they argue, fuss and fight back? There's also folks who would rather blame someone else for their misfortunes.

Historians who do research have discovered that over the centuries what was printed as "fact" were often lies! Thus the re-writing of history had to happen.

There's also the adage that “when a lie is repeated enough times, it will often become believed as the truth.” And, evidence of that actually happening has proven itself to be so ...  it got Donald Trump elected president!

His repeating of the quotes we've heard him say have been so-o numerous! And, those who became hooked on them have become his base and they no doubt will remain faithful to him. (Some of us recall this happening in the 1930s when the masses were sucked in to believing Adolph Hitler!)

It's President Trump's quote that “tax reform will benefit the middle class” that concerns many ... including myself!

The truth is that only someone who is able to understand a lot more about taxes than just how to fill out a simple 1040A tax form understands that what he said is not going to happen, if the tax bill is passed! It is ONLY the wealthy who will benefit and they will in a BIG WAY ... and the middle-class ... a few "crumbs"!!

If only folks weren't so blind to the truth!

Joyce Hackett Smith-Moore