Recently Mother Nature has reminded us that winter is far from over here in central New York. Bitter cold weather and snow can create difficult and dangerous travel conditions. When snow and winter weather create potentially hazardous conditions on our roadways the members of our sheriff's office work to provide you with travel advisories that can help you stay safe and informed. To determine if an advisory is warranted, we monitor weather forecasts from the National Weather Service as well as local weather forecasts with the help of our local emergency management office. We also collaborate with our county and local highway departments to get real time reports of our road conditions. Patrol deputies provide information from throughout the county about travel conditions as well. Finally, we work closely with our 911 center to track real-time accident reports and calls for service that might indicate that travel conditions are becoming hazardous. If it is determined that a travel advisory should be established, one of the following three advisories is issued, depending on the severity of the weather:

Roads Closed Except for Emergency Travel

• Travel is restricted to emergency vehicles and those performing an emergency act.

•  All other travel, including traveling to and from work, is prohibited and strict enforcement will be in effect.

No Unnecessary Travel

• Hazardous conditions exist, but the decision to drive is left to the discretion of the traveler.

Travel Advisory

• Motorists are encouraged to use caution.

Determining the need for an advisory can be challenging. Weather can change quickly and at times it is unpredictable. It is also not uncommon for areas of our county to be impacted by the weather while at the same time other areas are not. Please be careful when advisories are issued and use caution. Avoiding travel when road conditions are hazardous allows work crews to clear snow and ice easier and reduces your risk of an accident.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email us at Sheriff@Cayugacounty.us. You can also contact us and receive up to date advisory information via our Facebook page @cayugacountysheriff.

Thank you and stay safe.

Brian Schenck


Brian Schenck is the Cayuga County sheriff

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