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Tom Adessa, if I was a gun advocate like you I’d have a hard time looking at myself in the mirror every time I read or heard about somebody, once again, getting shot. “Any man’s death diminishes me because I am not involved in mankind.” What you wrote back about what Jesus would say about guns makes it sound like Jesus would say “They’re okay for the most part.” Come on Tom; get real, and for you to say guns are not weapons of mass destruction is totally absurd. How many thousands of people have been killed by guns? Go to your stats, Tom, and find out for yourself. If thousands of people have been killed by guns I’d say they’re weapons of mass destruction.

Why you’re saying basketball should be done away with because of all the injuries occurred in that sport makes no sense. Any sport can cause injury, as can walking on an icy or slippery surface. Is walking or running to be done away with? As for basketball being so injury related as you say, I’ve never been injured playing it competitively for over 60 years. I’ll tell you what is really dangerous is breathing second hand smoke. A lot have died from that (lung cancer) and never even smoked. I think the only way to get people from smoking is to start charging $50 a pack. Probably charging $50,000 a gun would most likely keep people from buying them.

There are a lot of things in life that kill; speeding, tailgating, not paying attention or being totally reckless. Nothing gets done about it. You see Tom in the overall scheme of things that are bad in life nothing seems to be taken seriously by the powers that be or the general public.

So give me credit Tom for at least trying to make others aware that a lot needs to be done to make the world we live in a safe place and ask ourselves what would Jesus do? You see Tom, when you take a stance on something it should be about correcting the bad and try wholeheartedly to make it good.

The same old, same old in life that’s been proven bad needs to have action taken about it. It’s what our Creator would want done and isn’t that what we should want?

Murray Lynch ​


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