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When, oh when, are we going to see impeachment of the “big guy” in the White House? I would think by now at least the Ethics Committee has enough.

Trump’s tweet of Nov. 16: "Where do his hands go in pictures 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6?" speaks volumes in a lot of ways. Does POTUS oppose Franken and strongly disagrees with Franken's political views therefore tweeting maliciousness about him? Yet, he is silent about the allegations against Moore. Is it because they may be around the same age or actually share ideas of claiming the accusers are lying, etc.?

It is said a picture says a thousand words. Why is it, Trump’s chat with "Access Hollywood" in which “words are words,” didn’t go anywhere for his removal from the election?

Why is he tweeting about the whereabouts of other pictures? Was it a case that one picture wasn’t enough for him to get pleasure?

The POTUS is an alien not from this world, but some avatar or reincarnated cave dweller. Perhaps, his plan to lift the ban of trophy hunting is showing his past life, a club carrying, dragging his women by the hair through prehistoric places and times.

To all the women and men who have experienced sexual harassment, assaults, or any unwanted sexual acts of any kind, show a solidarity. I know firsthand that bringing up my story after almost 39 years is giving me a voice as others have done already. My best recollection of trailblazers is the Anita Hill/ Clarence Thomas trial. We, all of us, have a great opportunity and obligation to continue to shape our country into a humble, respectful, and diverse one. But it is an uphill battle.

I have my “#Me, Too” shirt. My spouse is along side me and supporting me. My family supports me.

It takes a lot of courage and bravery to speak up about sexual crimes, because that is what it is. But for those who are survivors and still carry “the Big Secret,” tell your spouse, partner, best friend, family or your pastor. You certainly do not have to go public but at least rid yourself of that burden so you can live a fuller, free life. That is a truth I know well.

RL Searles


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