Democrats focused on the wrong goals

Some thoughts on the upcoming presidential election next year, 2020.

All the Democratic candidates throwing their hat in the ring for next year have only one thing on their minds, being popular and getting votes. You notice they are not saying anything about religious freedom, family values, speaking against abortion or homosexuality, because if they did they would be finished before they ever started.

The sad fact is, however, the most popular things are legalizing marijuana, the me-too movement, women’s rights and the other issues I have mentioned. Nothing is being said about health care, the needs of our elderly, or senior citizens squat diddly. Period.

Ben Franklin once said at the time of the Constitutional Convention more than 200 years ago, “You now have a republic, but only if you can keep it.” Today that republic is in extreme danger.

William Hopkins


Hate is not good for your health


How does chronic corrosive hate affect one’s health and well-being? Have you noted the physical effects of their emotions on the haters from Hollywood, Broadway and many of the Politicos, as these marvelous role models posture, preen and pulsate for the camera? Do they seem happy, smiling and at peace?

Don’t they make an interesting national and international impression?

As their blood pressure and pulses rise, the haters’ faces turn bright red, nostrils flare, eyebrows bush out and their temporal and neck veins bulge out in a lovely manner. The eye orbs protrude from their sockets like electrical billiard balls. Their lips become thinner, hard and bitter looking. The voices of the haters become screeching, cawing, crow-like, harsh, shrill, and their twisted lips sew out vicious, slanderous, false and negative words.

Their nether sphincters clench and unclench as their bodily plumbing reacts to their hatred and caustic explosive venom. Their arms and hands flail and twitch. Who would want to be positioned close to them and take a chance on being injured or drenched by their righteous sputum?

Sadly, they not only upset themselves, they cause tension and anxiety in others which can compromise a person’s health, peace of mind and well-being.

How does this offensive, intimidating, uncontrolled bad behavior help our society?

Joan Sigona


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