Support your local dairy producer

As third-generation farmers in Auburn, our family is proud to be part of the population that feeds families in our community and beyond.

March 14 is National Ag Day, a time to recognize the important role agriculture plays in providing safe, abundant, and affordable products. Our family farm is dedicated to producing wholesome, nutritious milk. To do so means taking excellent care of our cows – ensuring they have a healthy diet, plenty of fresh water, and clean, comfortable living conditions – no small feat during this challenging winter!

There are no snow days or delays for farmers and harsh weather makes routine tasks harder – but farming isn’t just our job, it’s our passion and way of life.

You may have heard dairy farmers are facing tough times right now. Want to support us? Think of us when you go to the supermarket. Choose real dairy products — milk, cheese, yogurt, or your family’s favorite dairy food. Warm up with hot chocolate made with real milk, creamy soups or grilled cheese.

Learn more about dairy farms by visiting AmericanDairy.com or NYFB.org.

Ray Lockwood


Ray Lockwood is the president of the Cayuga County Farm Bureau.


Esteem for elders no longer evident

Reminiscent about those Saturday mornings on the lake telling the old guy, in a seven-year-old voice, “You have to put the worm on first Grandpa before you throw the line in the water.” Pause for chuckle, because the normal response was, “I know, I’m just keeping you on your little toes.” What about those golden nuggets of advice that seem endless, but never annoying? Society 40-50 years ago, revered the elders in the community as common-place respect! Today’s social climate is canvased with a new-aged arrogance that gives new meaning to narcissism! Once a treasured voice of reason and a calm-in-the-storm; the significance of gray hair as wisdom has sadly evolved into – “the old fart who can’t drive and keeps wetting themselves.“

The truism in rites of passage should render an unfolding of self; revealing a cultivated purpose of charmed wisdom from those whom paved the way. The elderly are the architects of harmonious social climates and predecessors to morality and care-giving, but contemporary culture inundates us fashionably by ostracizing our beloved elderly with first-class reservations to the old-folks-home. Has our hedonistic fast-paced society reached a threshold allowing us to entertain cognitive mechanisms of insensitivity and lack of compassion to care for royalty that took care of us? I believe we are living in a “stone-washed” culture plagued by a millennial social credo of entitlements, that has sadly corrupted the true potent serum of education and love that was freely and compassionately handed down by – elders!

Dennis Walter Smith

Seneca Falls

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