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While it’s easy to complain about disappointing vacation rentals, it’s harder to know what to do if you don't like your Airbnb. Should you talk to the host? Contact customer service? Request a refund? Well, it depends.

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Pretty much everyone hates Airbnb cleaning fees — those pesky charges tacked on to your vacation rental bill that supposedly cover the costs to get the place ready for the…

Has the Airbnb bubble burst? According to one recent viral tweet, Airbnb hosts have seen bookings evaporate since the busy summer travel season. My recent story about Airbnb hosts getting…

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Disgruntled Airbnb guests have taken to Twitter and TikTok to vent about everything from cleaning fees to misleading listings. But they aren’t the only ones with complaints.

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The cost to travel remains expensive — and airfare, which is still up by 30% compared to a year ago — isn't going down in price anytime soon.

PennyWise Podcast host Teri Barr is talking with Sam Kemmis, a travel rewards expert with NerdWallet, to learn if there are ways to find any deals on your next flight. Kemmis has four great tips to help you find affordable airfare, but you'll also need to be flexible.

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