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A convertible bond is a type of fixed income security sold by public companies that can be converted into common shares of the issuing company’s stock. Convertible bonds work just like ordinary corporate bonds, paying interest according to the specified coupon rate until you or the company decides to trigger a conversion to equity. How […]

Finding out that you’re getting a tax refund is really exciting. It’s the biggest windfall that many people get all year, after all. So far this tax season, the average refund amount is $2,902, according to the IRS. Depending on how you file and opt to receive your money back, you can expect your cash […]

President Joe Biden campaigned on a promise not to raise taxes on middle-class Americans. But a little-known provision in his big social programs bill could do just that. Tucked away in the American Families Plan, is a proposal to change the way capital gains taxes are paid on estates when people pass away. This seemingly […]

The pandemic has shaken up life as we know it—and it’s hurting young Americans’ plans to go to college.   The 2021 Junior Achievement Teens and Personal Finance survey, which gauges how teens are thinking about their financial futures, found that one-fourth of class of 2020 high school graduates were delaying their plans to attend college […]

With the roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines, grandparents will again be able to travel with their grandchildren. These multi-generational trips offer bonding and quality time together. When planning a trip with grandchildren, pre-planning and buying travel insurance can be smart moves, especially if you’re planning to travel outside the U.S. Proper Paperwork Having proper paperwork on […]

If a timeshare company ever offers you free tickets to a show, a hotel stay or dinner discounts to attend a “brief” meeting, it’s likely you’re going on a lengthy tour of a timeshare. There certainly are benefits to having a vacation place to call your own once a year that often comes with an […]

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Point-of-sale (POS) financing is a convenient lending option that lets consumers make purchases with incremental payments. Retailers partner with third-party lenders—like financial technology companies Affirm, Afterpay and Klarna—and then integrate those lending services into the checkout process. POS financing typically has less stringent eligibility requirements than traditional financing, and many lenders offer a 0% annual […]

The aftermath of a bad car accident can seem like an endless string of disappointing news. You might find out your car is totaled, and to make matters worse, your car valuation is far less than you expected. It’s like sticker shock in reverse. Naturally, you’re going to have questions about how the insurance adjuster […]

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If you or your future spouse went to college, it’s highly likely you will have to deal with student loans. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 46% of young married couples had student loan debt in 2016, triple the share of couples that had student loans in 1989. What happens to student […]

Hilton points are easy to earn, so there’s a chance you’ve already got a stash ready to spend. In fact, you might think that with more than 5,000 hotels across 17 brands that you’d be swimming in options. However, not all Hilton redemptions are created equal. Some offer stronger value than others so travelers looking […]

The executor of an estate is someone who wraps up a deceased individual’s financial affairs. If the deceased has a will, the will usually names a close relative, friend, accountant, attorney or financial institution to act as executor of the will. If the deceased wanted more than one person to handle their affairs—such as more […]

Some things aren’t meant to be. If you made a purchase on plastic that isn’t working out, you might get a credit card refund. A refund issued to a credit card means the cost of the returned product will be credited back to the associated account. Depending on whether the purchase was returned in-person or […]

Although the Covid-19 vaccine rollout is putting vacations back on calendars, experts in the travel industry say some flexibility with your travel plans is still important. When you book your next vacation—and if you want the best possible protection against canceling unexpectedly—purchasing “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) coverage is the ticket. We asked travel insurance […]

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Everyone deserves a stable, affordable place to live. But the unfortunate truth is that discrimination in housing has prevented some vulnerable groups from achieving this cornerstone of the American Dream. The good news is that there are laws in place to protect people from being discriminated against when securing housing. One of the most important […]

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It’s been an up-and-down year for many student loan borrowers. Even if you could afford to keep making regular payments after the federal Covid-19 student loan forbearance period started last March, perhaps your financial situation has since changed and you would benefit from a refund of that money. If you now find yourself strapped for […]

If you’re looking for a home but it’s out of your price range—particularly in markets where housing prices are skyrocketing—using a piggyback loan can help ease upfront costs. A piggyback loan is actually a second loan after the first mortgage used to finance one property. It’s typically used to lower initial mortgage costs like a […]

The more you’ve managed to save in a traditional individual retirement account (IRA) or a traditional 401(k), the more you might want to consider a Roth conversion. Why a Roth conversion? There are a few good reasons, chief among them managing taxes and RMDs: Withdrawals from Roth accounts in retirement are entirely tax free, and […]

Waterparks can be a great pick for families that want an activity-packed vacation. Waterparks can be indoors, outdoors or a combination, and feature attractions like waterslides, wave pools, water-play areas for toddlers and more. Indoor water parks are especially attractive to guests because they are protected from bad weather and parents may feel the environment […]

Agents who specialize in travel insurance can help you pick the best coverage so you have the right financial protection when you travel. Personalized service, knowledge and experience all play a part in helping you buy a good travel insurance plan, especially if you’re traveling abroad. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, travel insurance coverage rules have […]

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Everyone over 16 in the U.S. is now eligible to be vaccinated against Covid-19—and this good news parallels consumers’ growing optimism about their financial outlook.  Overall consumer confidence reached 60.7 (out of 100) this week, according to the Forbes Advisor-Ipsos Consumer Confidence Weekly Tracker. That’s an increase of 1.2 points from last week and 10 […]

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Leading up to College Decision Day on May 1, high school seniors and others planning to start college this fall are making their final decisions about where to attend. That means comparing financial aid packages they’ve received and understanding just how much in student loans they may need to borrow. To help our readers answer […]

If you’re feeling flush with points, you’re not alone. Over the last year, everyone’s balances swelled to new maximums. Credit cards were—and still are—offering best ever bonuses to new cardholders and travel companies offered promotional earnings rates for anyone willing to leave home. At the same time, consumers were earning, not burning. Instead of spending […]

Overdraft fees are a silent but costly aspect of personal finance. The most recent Forbes Advisor Checking Account Fees Survey found the average overdraft fee is $24.38, with credit unions charging the highest fee compared to other banking institutions.    But what’s most striking about overdraft fees is that they are disproportionately shouldered by those who […]

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Fiduciary duty is the requirement that certain professionals, like lawyers or financial advisors, work in the best financial interest of their clients. U.S. law dictates that members of certain professions who are doing business for certain clients be bound by fiduciary duty. Let’s take a closer look at fiduciary duty, what a fiduciary is, which […]

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