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BOISE, Idaho - By his estimate, Stephen Veals spent more time fishing in 2018 than many anglers spend in a lifetime. The Boise man cast a fly every single day last year. Yep, 365 days straight. "This was going to be the only way I'd survive 2018," Veals, 31, wrote in a blog post chronicling the effort. "I had to just keep my mind occupied on the positive thoughts of fishing. I needed this." ...


The government shutdown earlier this year brought with it many hardships for millions of Americans who depended on those missing pay checks to feed and clothe their families. On a less drastic note, it also brought - among a laundry list of other things - the closure of the country's national parks. That meant a not-open-for-business sign on majestic Yosemite and Yellowstone; on the exotic ...