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Sponsored Content: Getting enough essential vitamins and minerals is a vital part of maintaining good health – especially as you age. Changing nutritional needs and dietary restrictions can affect your vitamin intake over time. This makes it challenging to get the nutrients you need to keep your bones and muscles strong and ensure that other body systems are working properly. To help you stay healthy, here’s a list of vitamins and minerals adults 55 and over should be taking daily, along with the benefits they provide.

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Since finding a solution to my lunch-skipping problem, I’ve felt better, been more focused during the workday, and am still able to eat healthy meals that don’t require a ton of effort to prepare.

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Geriatric pets often need foods that are more readily digested, have different calorie levels and ingredients, and include anti-aging nutrients.

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"Even if you aren't going anywhere except to the dining room table for school, planning is important," said Kristi King, senior pediatric dietitian at Texas Children's Hospital and an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesperson.

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