Get ready for some sports potpourri.

Finally, sports wagering is approved for New York state. The public comment session has come and gone and rules have been established. Now we wait on the four upstate casinos to open their sports betting lounges. So if you're crazy enough to bet on NFL preseason games, you're in luck, you should be able to place a wager on a meaningless contest.

I'm happy that we finally know sports wagering is close but as I've written before, without mobile betting, New York is going to continue to lose millions of dollars to New Jersey. Gamblers who live in the New York City area (including Long Island and Westchester County) are going to take the shorter drive across the Hudson River into New Jersey where they can place a bet using their phones.

And how many of us are going to drive to del Lago, Turning Stone or the other upstate and Native American casinos to place bets on a regular basis? Sure, NFL Sundays are going to be crazy but how many of us are going to hop in the car on a whim to bet a Tuesday night MLB game?

There is some hope, some state legislators from the New York City area are trying to get mobile sports wagering approved by the end of the Legislature's session next week. If I was betting on this, I'd say don't expect mobile sports wagering this year. Even if it's passed by the Legislature, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said he won't sign the legislation because he believes the state constitution prohibits mobile sports wagering. So, yeah, not a good sign.

So get ready to hop in the car and drive to be able to bet on sports later this summer. Don't be surprised when the state says it's disappointed by the amount of money it's taking in on sports wagering even during football season.


Hard to believe another New York-Penn League season is upon us but the Auburn Doubledays' home opener is Sunday. There have been a slew of changes at Falcon Park, which if they help ensure we have pro baseball here for the long term, will be worth it.

The minors are obviously different than the majors, but it seems that sports fans are growing tired of baseball. TV ratings and attendance are down throughout the majors. I can't speak to all of the minor leagues, but the Mets aren't exactly setting attendance records in Syracuse so far.

Now to be fair, this has been a horrible spring, this past May was one of the wettest on record. Hopefully the summer will be dry and warm. Schools will be getting out soon which will help even more, especially on weeknights.

I love baseball and I hope all of you realize how fortunate we are to have the Doubledays and Mets. If you haven't been out to a game in a while, try to find some time this summer. You may just rekindle your love for the sport.


Finally, I want to wish all the dads out there a happy Father's Day. Whether you're a sports fanatic or could care less, I hope you enjoy the day and remember how special your children are.

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