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Duke Syracuse Basketball

The crowd watching the Syracuse vs. Duke NCAA college basketball in the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, N.Y., Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014. The record breaking attendance for the game was 35,446. Syracuse won 91-89. (AP Photo/Nick Lisi)

It isn't really a surprise to hear that Syracuse University is considering selling the naming rights to the Carrier Dome after it's renovated.

Carrier got a pretty sweet deal, but with naming rights becoming a cash cow, the university would be foolish not to explore a new agreement to bring in some major bucks.

So what name would be the best to replace Carrier?

After some really deep thought after eating a dozen Dome dogs, I have some ideas. Can I get a drum roll, please?

The Alexander and Catalano Dome: Yes, they are the Heavy Hitters, so that name would be great for a football stadium. But with all the talk about concussions, would it be appropriate? It would also create a great sponsorship opportunity, as Alexander and Catalano could be the "Official Personal Injury Law Firm of Syracuse University Athletics."

No? OK, how about ...

The Billy Fuccillo Dome: One word: HUGE! That's how Billy sells his cars, and what a better way to do it then to put his name on the Dome. Billy played football for the Orange, so it'd be perfect. He could stage his Huge-A-Thons at the Dome. Think of how even greater (and funnier) his commercials would be.

No? What about ...

The Turning Dome: The casino competition is getting intense in central New York. Del Lago opens next year, and the Oneidas might want to do something big. Then again, I'm not sure the NCAA would be too keen about a casino buying the naming rights to a campus facility.

How about the Wegmans Dome? Tops is technically the official supermarket of Syracuse athletics, but who's to stop Wegmans from putting its name on the Dome. What a great way to increase name recognition in the ACC's southern territory where Wegmans is expanding. You would hear that familiar Wegmans scanner beep when you walk through the turnstiles.

OK, maybe that's a stretch, but what about the Dinosaur BBQ Dome. It's perfect, Syracuse's most famous restaurant's name on its best-known building. Heck, the football coach's first name is Dino. Think about the concession stands selling ribs and pulled pork. Mmmmm. Nah, it would upset the vegetarians.

What if Syracuse University went in a different direction and picked a name that best symbolizes our area. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Snow Dome. Lake Effect Storm Dome just doesn't have a good ring to it. And when you think of snow, you think of snow globes, they could blast fake snow on the fans after a SU win.

That idea leaves you cold, doesn't it? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

I bet Donald Trump would love to fork out some major cash to put his name on another building, the Trump Dome. Then again, the Donald has his mind on other matters now and he would probably think he actually owns the Dome. Forget that.

What about the Jim Boeheim Dome? The basketball court already has the coach's signature on it, it makes sense to name the entire building after him. It'd be a great retirement gift from the university ... but do any of us think Boeheim is ever going to retire?

Scrap that one.

Finally, and now I'm being serious, I can only think of one name and that's the Pearl Dome, as in Dwayne "Pearl" Washington, who made so much history in that building. Pearl filled the Dome and they've been coming ever since. It would be a fitting tribute to a man who passed way too soon.

Yes, it means no big pay day for SU but there are things more important than money and that's remembering the person who put the Dome on the sports map. Or at least a statue of Pearl putting up his famed half-court buzzer-beater that beat Boston College.

He deserves it and we can't think of the Dome without the Pearl, so it's fitting to put his name on the building.

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