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Bowlers compete in the first round of the Men's The Citizen Masters at Cedar House Lanes in Skaneateles Sunday. Qualifying results have not been finalized as of Thursday.

Following qualifying events held last weekend, Cayuga County-area men's and women's bowlers will take to the lanes this weekend to begin match play in the annual The Citizen Masters tournaments.

Men will be bowling at Starlite Lanes in Aurelius on Saturday and Falcon Lanes in Auburn on Sunday. The 64-person field was established following qualifying last weekend at Cedar House Lanes, with 136 bowlers having entered.

Women's qualifying, which was used to establish seeding in the xxxx-person field, took place at Starlite Lanes. Match play starts Sunday at Cedar House Lanes.

Champions in both tournaments will be crowned the weekend of Jan. 19-20 at Rainbow Lanes in Weedsport.

Here are qualifying results and opening-round matchups for both tournaments, which use a double-elimination format:

2019 The Citizen Masters Men's Bowling Tournament:

Qualifying results

Jan. 5-6, Cedar House Lanes

Mike Suarez (2018 champion) 623

Nicholas Downer 782

Joe Willis 742

Jordan Kensinger 736

John Ashby 736

Joe Traver Jr. 733

TJ O'Donnell 719

Mike Dries 717

Mike Prior 714

Ryan Gabak 714

Jerry Locastro 711

Jeff Matty 707

Barry Marginean 706

Ernest Hyde III 698

Dave Barski 698

Scott White 696

Steve Walawender 691

Cory Slater 685

David Caci 681

Rick Lambrecht 679

Mike Walker II 679

Mathew Rooker 678

Becca Young 677

Tom Lloyd 674

Shane Ellis 673

Tom Winslow 669

Jim Locastro 663

Duane Slater Jr. 659

Chris Binns 656

Brian Connors 654

Justin Lasher 649

Josh McBride 649

Joe Nadherny 649

Sean Mott 648

Pat Donahue 648

Mike Fallat 646

Jim Dries 643

Chris Kustyn 641

Shawn Murphy 641

Rodney Squires 639

Brian Brooks 639

John LaRock 638

Ted Phillips 637

Ed Wasilenko 635

Jason Schultz 635

Kevin Lukins 634

Lou Liberatore 631

Jim Melfi 630

Steve Phillips Sr. 627

Ryan Bitter 627

Tyrone Jackson 622

James Abulencia 622

Ed Clark 620

Corey Dockstader 619

Dan Guzalak 618

Josh Darling 616

Lee Burnett 615

Mike Pucino 614

Brandon Kulis 612

Wayne Clark 610

Chris Lugo 610

Mike Wilczek 608

Dale Weigand 606

Ed Hall 605

Match play

1 p.m. Jan. 12, Starlite Lanes

Mike Suarez vs. Dale Weigand

Justin Lasher vs. Joe Nadherny

Chris Binns vs. Pat Donahue

Jim Locastro vs. Jim Dries

TJ O'Donnell vs. Lee Burnett

Barry Marginean vs. Tyrone Jackson

Jerry Locastro vs. Ed Clark

Mike Prior vs. Dan Guzalak

John Ashby vs. Brandon Kulis

David Caci vs. Jason Schultz

Steve Walawender vs. Lou Liberatore

Dave Barski vs. Steve Phillips Sr.

Joe Willis vs. Chris Lugo

Shane Ellis vs. Shawn Murphy

Becca Young vs. Brian Brooks

Mike Walker II vs. Ted Phillips

Nicholas Downer vs. Ed Hall

Josh McBride vs. Sean Mott

Brian Connors vs. Mike Fallat

Duane Slater Jr. vs. Chris Kustyn

Mike Dries vs. Mike Pucino

Ernest Hyde III vs. James Abulencia

Jeff Matty vs. Corey Dockstader

Ryan Gabak vs. Josh Darling

Joe Traver Jr. vs. Wayne Clark

Rick Lambrecht vs. Kevin Lukins

Cory Slater vs. Jim Melfi

Scott White vs. Ryan Bitter

Jordan Kensinger vs. Mike Wilczek

Tom Winslow vs. Rodney Squires

Tom Lloyd vs. John LaRock

Mathew Rooker vs. Ed Wasilenko


The women started their Masters tournament on Sunday at Starlite Lanes in Aurelius. For results and a schedule, go to page B3.

2019 The Citizen Masters Women's Bowling Tournament:

Jan. 6, Starlite Lanes

Alyssa Lawrence - seeded

Chelsea Paquette 668

Michelle Reynolds 662

Amy Pidlypchak 656

Melissa Slater 636

Jackie Gibbs 625

Patty Blowers 608

Sara Casler 603

Loretta Lees 602

Tori Colosimo 578

Paula McCartney 554

Denice Hall 547

Callie Caci 546

Renee Quick 535

Bonnie Sherboneau 524

Joan Ashby 487

Karen Nadherny 485

Ann Fenton 481

Diane Ashby 480

Stephanie Piechuta 461

Chelsea Clark 453

Lisa Rouse 410

Susan Burns 398

Jodie Binns 382

Match play

10 a.m. Jan. 13, Cedar House Lanes

Loretta Lees vs. Karen Nadherny

Paula McCartney vs. Diane Ashby

Callie Caci vs. Chelsea Clark

Bonnie Sherboneau vs. Susan Burns

Tori Colosimo vs. Ann Fenton

Denice Hall vs. Stephanie Piechuta

Renee Quick vs. Lisa Rouse

Joan Ashby vs. Jodie Binns

Qualifiers 1-8 get a bye and will bowl winners of the above matches in the second squad. The losers of the 10 a.m. squad will bowl in the second squad.

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