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David Wilcox


I edit The Citizen's features section, Lake Life, and weekly entertainment guide, Go. I've also been writing for The Citizen and since 2006, covering arts and culture, business, food and drink, and more.

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Upon reading your comment, I learned that by switching the settings, yes, you can pause the game. But the default settings are that you can't. And really, if Capcom is going to meddle with such a given function of video games, they shouldn't leave it to me and these people -- https://twitter…


CitizenPop commented on Schines advocacy groups at odds

Hi everyone. FYI, we use the name Schines, not Schine, because that is the name once featured in the marquee of the theater.

Also, the name Schines is used in the theater's listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

If anyone has reason to argue…


CitizenPop commented on Fox's 'Bones' looks ready to wrap

Mynameis, hiithere321: In the opening paragraph I did allow my opinion that "Bones" should end, and appears ready to end, to take the form of speculation that it, in fact, will. I have revised my wording accordingly.


Karl, given your role in the music industry, your opinion on file sharing certainly carries weight. But for every musician who speaks out against it, there's a Chuck D, a Trent Reznor or a Dave Grohl who not only supports it but, in some cases, outright directs fans to "steal" thei…


I think you're drastically underestimating the willingness of people who pirate music/movies to buy the things they like.

For instance, consider this study:…


Music and movie piracy is called stealing because it's believed to deprive the creator of some monetary gain. But what about the music downloader who likes what they hear, then chooses to buy the band's T-shirt or see their concert? What about the movie downloader who, failing access to the …


Let me ask you this Karl: Say I buy the movie. My friend's thinking about buying it, but I lend my copy to him instead. Is he stealing the movie?

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